a day in the life

Brought on by a conversation with tryslora last night in which she mentioned while we were discussing the woes of market research for submissions, that she had much more appreciation for what I did now than she did even a few years ago. We exchanged a few brief comments about all the different kinds of things agents do and how unaware people can be about it. So, herewith evidence that I do not spend my whole day: “bestowing representation to unworthy writers from on high and waving my magic agent wand to produce a contract” (as it was once described to me *grin*).

In office just after 8am.

Read emails that accumulated over night. Indulged in LJ browsing while having needful caffeine (AKA tea).

Posted first of many backlogged recipes to Cooking Blog: Spice.

Answered a bunch of work emails. (Still way too many left.)

Paid office bills. Updated office accounting.

Reviewed audio contract for client. Began first round of negotiating changes.

Different fully executed agreement for different client received, signed off, copies sent to author, main office, and filed (or rather, added to pile of stuff yet to be filed — I hate filing; it’s so tedious).

Editorial letter emailed to client for manuscript that I finished reading last night.

Updated phone log and returned phone calls as well as originating new threads for followup.

Rejection letters for requested materials (which means writing actual comments) – 1 manuscript, 3 proposals (all from different authors).

Crashed computer at quarter to 12 and decided that was a sign to eat lunch a bit early and finish the rejections afterwards. Especially since said crash ate a letter that I had *just* finished, naturally.

Back in office at 5 after 12 with lunch. Reviewed translation contract (German) for client while wolfing yummy protein-based substance. Finished eating. Signed off on agreement and sent to author for signature.

Redrafted rejection and continued.

Paused to request electronic copy of proposal from client because editor (who is supposed to be presenting it to editorial board for possible purchase tomorrow) lost it.

Continued working on rejections.

Paused to answer door to sign for box shipped from main office. Hurray – more queries, paperwork, and manuscripts that need to go right back to market.

Made hair appointment on account of having writers conference next week. Procured more caffeine while on hold with salon.

Continued working on rejections. Finished ’em.

Answered more emails (still too many in the in box *sigh*).

Read and responded on rush proposal (arrived by email this afternoon, and due tomorrow!) from client.

Opened box from New York and sorted. Reorganized paperwork pile and manuscripts next to desk for triage for tomorrow. Put off filing until tomorrow. Quite possibly will start reading queries sometime later this evening. Also, will do market research and marketing tomorrow.

And now signing off to treat myself to dinner out with mcurry after a hard day’s work. Disclaimer: This is a representative day in terms of its variety and chaos, though not necessarily in terms of its tasks, which often vary wildly. Not a hard day. Not an easy day. Not those long sought after reading days (which I cherish but take so rarely now). And I’m sure since I was taking only the briefest moments to add to the list that not all the items above will be entirely understandable. *wry smile* So, my apologies for anything that lacks in clarity.

3 responses to “a day in the life

  1. Thanks for the insight into an average day–it makes me feel a little less intimidated about agent hunting. 🙂

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