When the stars are right in Ry’leh

By popular demand:

What time is it boys and girls?

Cthulhu Clock

7 responses to “When the stars are right in Ry’leh

  1. I WANT. That is too cool. :>
    Mind you, I have the complete line thus far of Lovecraftian plushies. :>

  2. BWAH!
    You need my teeshirt next to it. It has a bottle of tequila on it, with the full Cthulu tentacle gestalt going on, and the words under the bottle read “This time – the Wyrm eats you.”

  3. That’s the best EVER.
    And the plush Cthulhu sitting on top of my monitor thinks so, too.

  4. That is the most awesome clock EVER.

  5. All your clock are belong to ME.
    Except that I really want the E.R. Eddison clock now. Must contemplate. Horns? Jewels? Deep reds and blues, definitely.
    I can think of at least one person who would want the Gormenghast clock.

  6. That’s a wonderful clock. I could watch it all day and all night and all day and all night…

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