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link salad (client edition)

* Martha Wells reports: “I have a short story up at Podcastle, “Thorns” read by C.S.E. Cooney. It was originally in Realms of Fantasy in 1995, and was the first short story I ever had published: http://podcastle.org/2013/09/25/podcastle-279-thorns/

* Here’s the most recent episode of Writing Excuses via Mary Robinette Kowal. It was recorded at the “Out of Excuses Retreat,” and the questions came from the attendees.

* From Mike Shevdon, some thoughts on providing content and what it’s worth. “Far too often authors are being asked to contribute their work for no reward other than the pleasure of pleasing others. It’s insidious, and at the base of it is the implicit assumption that an author’s work has little or no value, particularly when there is so much available for free.” Read the rest at Wattpad – Reaching the Next Generation of Readers?

link salad (client edition)

Here’s a few things collected up over the holidays and in these first few days of the new year to share….

* Go to Waterloo Productions site to see the early trailer for the documentary for Lakeside, about author Jay Lake, his writing, his daughter, and his fight with cancer.

* Elizabeth Bear on The pitfalls of history: “One of the great lies of science fiction is the idea that we are writing for the future.”

* Bear also offers up some free fiction:
The Deeps of the Sky (at io9)
In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns (on her own site, originally published in Asimov’s, January 2012)

* Mary Robinette Kowal reports on her reading at KGB last month and provides important information on how to make entrails. Indeed, the set she made is available in the Fearful Symmetries Kickstarter (still some hours left to support this anthology and as of this posting, the entrails were still available).

* A Nicky Drayden guest blog in which she elaborates on how patience is a kind of bravery.

* Saladin Ahmed discusses world building in his essay “At Home in Fantasy’s Nerd-Built Worlds” (npr.org).

link salad (client edition) plus some agent updates

* Late Friday night posted a query wars update bringing the stats current and having a few comments on debut writers. Also, my agentquery.com profile has been reviewed and new information added, including recent books and a link to the Odyssey Workshop interview.

* In case you haven’t seen it yet: interview with Cherie Priest on Sword and Laser

* Some posts around the blogosphere from Chris F. Holm: Criminal Minds (talking about character names and Bouchercon) and at My Bookish Ways (guest post about his top 5 Halloween traditions – ’tis the season).

* In similar spirits, Martha Wells recommends some classic horror movies to watch during the month of October.

* Over at Genreality, Ken Scholes talks about the P’Andro Whym quote from Lamentation: ”Change is the path life takes.”

* Mary Robinette Kowal adds to her debut author lessons with some thoughts on using Facebook, then and now.

link salad (client edition)

* From the guilty pleasures column on NPR: a review of Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy by Petra Mayer, an associate editor at NPR Books.

* Chris F. Holm talks about the “cold open” technique at the Criminal Minds group blog.

* Adina Senft, author of the Amish fiction trilogy that begins with The Wounded Heart, responds to Rachel Held Evans’s blog about Christian bookstores dictating to the CBA market to keep fiction “safe” for the readers.

* Kameron Hurley with a take on how exposition helps or hinders the reader and characters over-thinking their own environments.

* Free books! Laura Anne Gilman continues her summer book give-away.

* Free fiction! Martha Wells has posted chapter two of The Siren Depths, book 3 of the Raksura. You can read both chapter one and two here.

link salad (client edition)

* Just a couple days left to participate in Laura Anne Gilman’s Miles to Go / Promises to Keep Kickstarter project. These are two novellas featuring Danny Hendrickson, a character who appears in the Cosa Nostradamus series. These stories take place after the events of her upcoming novel, Dragon Justice.

* Chris F. Holm reports that his novel Dead Harvest is now available as an audio book. Read by The Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark.

* There’s an interview with Saladin Ahmed on “Sword and Laser” during their second video episode. His segment starts a little over 5 minutes into the episode.

* Martha Wells has been developing a list of non-European fantasy written by women: This is a sampler list of fantasy novels and short story collections with non-European settings, or secondary fantasy worlds drawn from non-European influences, all by women writers.

* C.E. Murphy discusses some thoughts on ebook pricing and looks for feedback.