winner of ARC of Anne Bishop’s MURDER OF CROWS (and more)

And the winner is…. Sandra Taylor with the caption:

Photo credit: Mark Dumont

Photo credit: Mark Dumont

“It’s a cold, hard winter out here – stay warm inside and read Anne Bishop!”

I will be sending an email to make arrangements. Congratulations! And thanks to everyone for participating.

win an ARC of Anne Bishop’s MURDER OF CROWS (and more)

In honor of the elemental we’re currently calling Pax, it seems appropriate to give away a copy of an ARC (advance reading copy) of Anne Bishop’s forthcoming novel, MURDER OF CROWS, the 2nd book in the Others series, along with a signed book plate from the author and a bookmark featuring the cover art. Bonus: If you haven’t read the series, a mass market paperback of book 1: WRITTEN IN RED will be included (and if you have read it, give it to a friend and get them hooked!).

Photo credit: Mark Dumont

Photo credit: Mark Dumont

To enter: Post a comment on this entry captioning the above picture.

Only one entry per person. Domestic (US) and international entries accepted. This is for an ARC, not the hardcover edition. Contest starts now and runs until Monday, February 17, 5pm Eastern (or until I dig out – just kidding). Winner will be randomly chosen.

Con or Bust auction

Some of my clients are participating in the Con or Bust auction. Con or Bust helps people of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions. It is administered by Kate Nepveu under the umbrella of the Carl Brandon Society, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the production of and audience for speculative fiction. Visit their website for more info.

Here’s what my clients have offered so far:

Be a Tea Merchant in Saladin Ahmed’s THE THOUSAND AND ONE (considering how much tea I have on hand, I’m thinking this might be an appropriate new career for me and I’m tempted to bid on it myself!)

Yoon Ha Lee is offering a signed copy of her amazing collection Conservation of Shadows which garnered a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly: “Lee’s short fiction has been lauded by respected anthologists and discerning readers; this fine collection of 16 stories (one original) gives Lee’s work the chance to reach the wider audience it deserves.”

Also, Yoon is offering a critique of up to 10,000 words of either a short story or a novel. A priceless opportunity to get some feedback on your work! Details here.

Also, also, she’s offering several additional assortments of goodies: Box o’ books #1; Box o’ books #2; Box o’ books #3; Box o’ books #4; Box o’ books #5; Box o’ books #6; Box o’ books #7, among others.

And speaking of books, Martha Wells is offering Signed copies of the three Books of the Raksura in trade paperback: The Cloud Roads, The Serpent Sea, and The Siren Depths and also Signed trade paperback copies of Emilie and the Hollow World and Emilie and the Sky World.

If these don’t hook you, there are lots of other great items on offer, including many signed and limited edition books and other goodies. Take a look!

happy release day

lee-carouselsunToday is the official publication date for Sharon Lee’s Carousel Sun.

The long-awaited sequel to Carousel Tides, enchanting contemporary fantasy by Sharon Lee, award-winning co-creator of the popular Liaden Universe® saga. When magic meets mundane, sparks fly: these are exciting times in Archers Beach, Maine! A unprecedented Early Season has united townies and carnies in an effort to expand into a twelve-month resort, recapturing the town’s former glory.

Kate Archer, owner-operator of the vintage wooden carousel, is caught up in the excitement—and is quite possibly the cause of it. Because Kate leads a double life, as carny, and as Guardian of the land. Her recent return to the home she had forsaken has changed the town’s luck—for the better—and energized the trenvay—earth and water spirits who are as much citizens of the Beach as their mundane counterparts.

But the town’s new energy isn’t the only change afoot. Joe Nemeier, the local drug lord, whose previous magical consultant was vanquished by Kate, has acquired a new ally—and this one plays with fire.

letters from the query wars 1.10.2014 with 2013 annual stats

# of queries responded to in 2013: 6,152
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 26
(some of which are still on my desk awaiting review)
note: this # does not include requests made at conferences

overall genres/subgenres requested
adult – fantasy thriller, traditional fantasy, historical fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, space opera, paranormal thriller, inspirational fiction
YA – contemporary mainstream, historical fantasy, high fantasy, cyberthriller, science fiction, post apocalyptic

# of new clients: 2

I have now responded to all queries received in 2013. If you sent a query in 2013 and did not receive a response, either it did not reach me, or my response did not reach you.